About Company

Platinum View Home Solutions Private Limited, Located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is a progressive construction material, Manpower, Real Est. Services, Property Buy & Sale Modular Kitchen & Interior, Government. Project Contractor, work related company dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, who are committed to the expansion and economic growth of their organization by:on and economic growth of their organization by:

  • >> Providing cost effective, quality construction services to guarantee our customers the most value for their building investment;

  • >> Providing the environment and resources to encourage all PlatinumView Home Solutions Private Limited employees/owners to grow to their fullest potential.

  • >> Recognizing and supporting worthy charities and economic development.

We focus on delivering high quality work within budgeted time and cost. since our formation we have worked from the ground up with clients and users on projects that make a positive contribution to the communities where we work.
We aspire to design a better tomorrow and today by being open, taking pride in a professional and timely delivery of original, safe and sustainable solutions.
Platinum home solutions play a pro-active role in every project. Every design is pinned by clarity of thoughts. Our ideas give our projects a unique and strong identify.

Our Company Philosophy

Platinum View Home Solutions Private Limited is an organization based on the merit shop philosophy. As such, we believe construction contracts should be awarded on the basis of qualification, performance, capability and price. This assures our clients that the superior quality, service and value the Platinum View Home Solution name has come to represent will be delivered.
Commitment is the key quality at the core of Platinum View Home Solutions Private Limited.Commitment to our clients, on construction industry, Manpower Supply, Real Est. Services, Property Buy & Sale Modular Kitchen & Interior, Government . Project Contractor our employee-owners, and to the foundation started by MR Shahab Tasneem And MR Yusuf Jamal ; to be the best we can be in everything we do.


Manage and coordinate tasks on a collaborative real estate workspace, Improve efficiency and data integrity, Support the entire lifecycle, Give management with an accurate and timely view of each facilities operations, including individual store units, Streamline repetitive building processes.

Management Teams

The management teams comprise of highly-motivated, industry and domain experts who have been with the organization, in most cases, for over a decade now. They closely drive and lead their respective functions infusing impetus, passion, energy and growth for their teams and the organization at large.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the stress out of managing your properties. To do this we’ll stand by our promise to provide reliable, efficient, professional property management services.


Meet with our Expert Team

Yusuf Jamal

Managing Director

Shahab Tasneem

Managing Director

Rohit Raturi

Accounts Manager

Industrial engineer